Raise your glasses, to alcosynth? | FutureTech | Synthetic Alcohol

January 9, 2019/by Fran Wilhelm

Merry Christmas 2018

December 11, 2018/by Ayming

Charging Ahead? Wireless technologies to drive the electric car revolution

November 20, 2018/by Ash Sudding

Using R&D to support the bottom line in Irish construction

November 1, 2018/by Bradley Mitchell

Is it time to retire procurement?

October 23, 2018/by James Bousher

Q&A: Mick Corti, Director of an NHS shared procurement service

October 17, 2018/by Alejandro Alvarez

HMRC R&D Tax Credits Statistics 2018

October 11, 2018/by Adam Spriggs

Q&A: Comparing Global R&D Tax Incentives with Martin Hook

October 10, 2018/by Martin Hook

R&D Ask the Expert #3 – How to de-risk your R&D tax claim

October 5, 2018/by Constantine Costas

Women in Technology Q&A: Attraction and Retention

September 26, 2018/by Emilia Kaprou

Mending the roof while the sun is shining

September 12, 2018/by Chloe Jansen

Why Insects are Creating the Buzz in Drone Development

September 6, 2018/by Daniel Sendell

R&D Ask the Expert #2 – How to make sure your claims process is robust

July 20, 2018/by Constantine Costas

As the digital penny drops…

July 16, 2018/by Jonathan Cardle

Why we should stop talking about women in procurement

July 10, 2018/by Ayming

Six perfectly good ways to screw up your R&D claim

July 3, 2018/by Benjamin Craig

R&D Ask the Expert #1 – How to make the most of your claim

June 14, 2018/by Constantine Costas

Set in stone: Is there a future for Roman concrete?

May 24, 2018/by Danny Vyse

HMRC’s tax investigation techniques – revealed

May 3, 2018/by Shams Ali

Self Healing Materials – Sci-Fi coming to a screen (and site) near you

April 24, 2018/by Barnaby Redwood

Innovate UK vs the EU – Benchmarking Innovation Part Two

April 17, 2018/by Caroline Elston

Innovate UK vs the EU – Benchmarking Innovation Part One

April 10, 2018/by Caroline Elston

Lipstick in the Lab: How innovation is driving the European cosmetics industry

April 5, 2018/by Amna Kazmi

From pasture to petri dish

April 4, 2018/by Ben Vass

Spirit of the Underdog: Can Northern Ireland become an R&D&I giant?

March 26, 2018/by Tom Smyth

Want to get ahead in the oil and gas sector? Diversify.

March 15, 2018/by Robert Miles

What to expect from HMRC investigations

March 8, 2018/by Shams Ali

Barbados and Brexit: A Tale of Tariffs

February 20, 2018/by James Bousher

R&D in Oil & Gas: Generating long-term sustainability

February 15, 2018/by Toby Chick

Facing up to the future of Facial Recognition CCTV

January 30, 2018/by Fran Wilhelm
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