Procurement 2020 Report

Introducing the latest report from Ayming: Procurement 2020

From climate change, geopolitical events and Brexit, to millennials entering the workforce, there are numerous factors posing serious challenges for companies and their procurement functions. We believe this means procurement has an opportunity to take centre stage in driving value and delivering resilience for their business.

But we wanted to understand exactly what executives around the world thought, and how that differed by sector, location and job role. We, therefore, surveyed CEOS, CFOs, COOs and CPOs from large organisations (turnovers from £250m to £5bn+) and the resultant insights have been compiled in our report: Procurement 2020.

The Procurement 2020 report covers key insights from the survey and hot topics such as talent, technology, procurement operating models and risk readiness, as well as sharing perspectives from senior procurement professionals at firms such as BP and the Co-op.

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