Rewarding Innovation

Justin Arnesen_Ayming

Article created by Justin Arnesen, Director R&D Tax & Grants at Ayming for Construction Global.

While the picture may be more mixed on a national level, construction is booming in the South East of England, and within the London area specifically.  You only need to cast an eye around the city’s skyline to see that the post-2008 malaise has finally lifted, with numerous large projects springing up across the region.

There is, however, a fly in the ointment. This revival has led to a flurry of applications from construction firms for tax breaks on spend relating to R&D.  HMRC, however, is taking a cautious, fact-finding approach to these – a significant portion of the claims are being held up for enquiry as a matter of course…

You can read the feature article “Rewarding Innovation”, in full here on pages 7-13.

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