Yes we’re prioritising UK innovation, but what about collaboration?

Today’s Autumn Statement makes clear the importance of prioritising UK innovation for the nation’s future prosperity and growth, but are we missing a trick? Dr Caroline Elston-Giroud, European Grants Manager, shares her thoughts:

On the surface, there are some positive signals from the Government about prioritising UK innovation, to drive growth and our economy.

This is all very well and good, but if this is about me, myself and I, and uniquely looking at activities within our own borders on this island, then I think we are missing a trick.

Because this should not be uniquely a navel gazing exercise, but also about remaining open to external collaborations and working across borders.

R&D is all about going above and beyond what you can do by yourself, by collaborating with external partners and experts, confronting ideas and opening up to new horizons.

Innovation thrives in an open environment: only by sharing ideas, experiences, cultural differences and knowledge will we truely be able to capitalise on our strengths in R&D.

And ultimately, that is what leads to new breakthroughs, and new products and services on different markets around the world.

In my opinion, when you cut through the rhetoric and the positive spin, this is what is still missing from the Government’s announcements.

We are open for business from the outside in, but are we open for business from the inside out?

About the author

Dr Caroline Elston-Giroud, European Grants Manager, is based in the Ayming London office and heads up the UK Grants team. She has a PhD in Biology-Biochemistry and over 10 years’ experience managing collaborative scientific projects. Caroline has been involved with over 100 projects across the FP6, FP7 and H2020 funding programmes.

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